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Kind Words from Our Clients...

Empathetically steer you...

“I first sought Chip’s assistance after a painful gallbladder episode in which I ended up in the hospital for four days. I passed a gallstone, and the hospital gave me the option to remove my gallbladder or risk possibly passing another stone in the future. After reading about the subject, I wanted to find a natural but responsible way to manage the development of gallstones.

priscillaNaturally Fortified offered me the assistance of a health coach (Chip), along with expert medical advice from consulting physician, Dr. Keith Burgard. Dr. Bugard was able to look at my blood work and do a lot of research to help better inform my food choices.

Again after my gallbladder episode I wanted to change my lifestyle – not to go on a diet or start taking medication. Furthermore, I think a dedicated health coach offers you just that – coaching! It is amazing to have someone who is committed to your well-being and can empathetically steer you on the right path. Chip came to my house and cooked for me like he would at his own house for his family; we went grocery shopping together; and most importantly he taught me how to choose less processed/more nutrient dense foods, versus fewer calories/low fat foods. I think this is the incomparable value of a health coach – they coach you through your issues and lead you to victory.

Working with Chip has undoubtedly changed my personal habits for the better. I am more aware where my food is coming from, and this influences my food choices greatly; I started juicing (‘smoothing’) for my husband and I everyday and now we can’t go without it. We bought a good blender and every morning before heading out to work I make a green smoothie with veggies, fruits (whatever is in season or frozen organic ones), chia or flex seeds, nuts – the combinations are endless. I love this part of my new routine, and I wouldn’t have caught this great habit without Chip’s help; I cook at home way more than I used to, and take lunch to work pretty much everyday. I used to be an avid quick bite grabber at lunchtime – now I know exactly where my food comes from because it comes from my own kitchen.

These are a few of the new habits that I’ve picked up for the rest of my life. They are not a quick diet fix, but rather they are part of my permanent routine.”

Priscilla S. – 

Brand Specialist/Art Director

A more balanced life

Having reached my 40s I realized if I wanted to enjoy my senior years, I needed to change my bad habits by eating healthier and exercising more.

I originally started my journey with Coach Chip and Dr. Keith to lose 10 to 15 lbs (which did happen) and to incorporate a healthier diet. However, I found that Coach Chip actually helped me obtain a more balanced life by guiding me to find more joy and spirituality.


Most importantly, at the end of my six months, I was finally able to have the courage to walk away from a very unhealthy long term relationship. That alone has given me such a positive outlook on life and has made me feel more alive.

There are so many people who have an unbalanced circle of life and naturally end up turning to food to find comfort. I would encourage those very people to hire coach Chip to help guide them to a more balanced and fulfilled life.”

Nancy M. – 

Pastry Chef

I started cooking ...

My experience with Naturally Fortified was very positive. Chip’s approach allowed me to identify and focus on the health-related changes I wanted to make; then he coached me through the implementation of a very doable plan. I was already doing a lot of things right, but Chip helped me zone in on changes that had previously seemed unattainable.


Ultimately, I made minor changes that allowed me to make more informed choices about the food I eat. I started cooking and really enjoy it. I dropped a few pounds and kept it off. I feel like I fine-tuned my lifestyle to better fit who I am and how I want to live. It feels great and I would highly recommend the Naturally Fortified experience to anyone who wants to make a change but isn’t quite sure about where to begin. Chip and Keith are great coaches who support you through a healthful transition that is unique to your needs.

Liesl L. – 

Educational Consultant

Realistic, on-going support

“Naturally Fortified helped me improve the quality of my life. Coach Chip and Doctor Keith offered the perfect balance of “health” and nutritional information along with realistic and ongoing caring support that changed my world forever.  Their expertise is a  combination of a holistic and Western health and I found this pairing gave me the best of all worlds.

From the minute I met Chip and Keith I immediately felt at ease and that I had a team of professionals that wanted me to win and to reach my goals…


I wanted to feel energized after each meal and not sluggish. I wanted to lose weight.  I wanted to be in better shape (physically and mentally). I wanted someone I could  contact if I had a health or life question who knew me and I trusted.  I wanted someone who could go to the food market with me and show me a better way to shop.  I wanted to have someone who would take me to exercise class so I would not feel intimated because this was new to me. I wanted to improve my relationships personally and at work.  Coach Chip and Doctor Keith helped me achieve all the above.

My diet today is plant based (no animal products) and I exercise on a regular basis.  My knowledge about living a healthy life with quality continues and I do credit Naturally Fortified with my success.

If you want to make changes in your life both Chip and Keith will help you get to a better place.”

Eddie S. – 

Senior Vice President of Sales & Regional Office Manager Warner Bros.

The way I feel

“One year ago this week I met Dr. Keith and Coach Chip. They were recording their first “Healthy Outlook” segment for the “Out Chicago” radio show- which I created and produce. Just listening to some of the lifestyle topics they touched on in those first broadcasts changed the way I live my life, my health, and my appearance. The day they walked into the radio studio I was 64 years old, weighed 234 pounds, had a 44 inch waist, and could not run a block. Today, my weight is below 200 lbs (for the first time since 1999), my 38-inch pants are too big in the waist, and I have run a 5K and an 8K race. And it’s a permanent change- a way of life that I am easily able to sustain.


I use the basic information Keith and Chip have given me every day- oatmeal for breakfast, eliminate sugar from my diet, sustainable exercise, and most importantly- after 6 months you have modified your behavior. It is all natural to me now…I don’t have to struggle to maintain the lifestyle. The way I feel, the way I look, and what I can do are the best things that have I have done for myself in many years…and it’s all a result of working with Dr. Keith and Coach Chip of Naturally Fortified.”

Michael Damsky – 

Radio Executive

The best thing I've ever done

“First just let me say that hiring Chip and Dr Keith was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I just finished my 6 month “membership” with them and I’m very pleased with the results!! I met with them both last June, 2012 and after we talked for about an hour about my issues, I hired them on the spot.  My concerns were weight gain, I felt that I was getting sick easy – colds, sinus infections, etc – and I was in a bit of a slump; there were numerous areas in my life that were lacking.  I knew that taking care of myself physically was the first step.

emily before and after

I had gone to see a registered dietician a few years ago, and while she was nice and certainly knowledgeable, I was impressed with Chip and Dr Keith because they seemed more well-rounded.  I liked the fact that Chip could teach me about what to eat and how to work out, and Dr Keith could analyze my blood work and make sure I was doing what I needed to be doing (from a medical standpoint).

Since starting my program I have lost 20 pounds.  My skin is clearer and brighter and my jean and dress size has gone down (I have a size 4 dress in my closet, and size Small skinny jeans!).  I’m much more aware of how much sugar I put in my body, rather than focusing on just calories.  Additionally, they have helped me focus and improve in other areas of my life.  I’m more spiritual, more aware of what I eat; I’m even in a relationship now.

Chip and Dr Keith focused on the whole self, not just what I’m putting in my body.  They were both always very supportive, and led by example.  But I think the best thing to come out of my time with them is that I got my self-confidence back.  Especially as women, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves, then we don’t feel sexy, so then we eat poorly, and then we feel even worse about how we look.  Just two weeks into working with them, I saw myself in the mirror and for the first time in a long time, my immediate thought was “damn girl!  you look GOOD!”

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Naturally Fortified!”

Emily F. – 

Executive Assistant

Chip Gave me the framework

“My top three goals that Coach Chip and Dr. Keith were able to help me with was loosing weight (12 lbs so far!), lower cholesterol (which is now at a healthy level) and focus on a plant-based diet which I now cook at home (previously only 20% now over 80% cooked from home.)

Chip gave me the frame work to understand my current situation and to carefully educate me on how to make my own smart choices and I find that I have a greatly improved level of energy.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I am armed with the knowledge to make smart food choices and I attribute this to Coach Chip’s passion about his clients and their health.”

Chandler C. – 

Marketing Consultant

Curbed late night eating

“Chip helped me work toward losing weight and curb late-night eating/drinking by helping me see how my unhealthy patterns of food and alcohol use were connected to larger life issues, such as relationship and career satisfaction or lack there of.

Chip is a warm, energetic, non judgmental and sincere Coach in his desire to help his clients reach goals that they set for themselves. He would be very helpful to those who have never learned much about nutrition, exercise or holistic health and may have been chronically overweight, as he offers guidance that is practical and not just a fad diet or cookie-cutter approach.

One of Coach Chip’s strengths is that he draws from many different schools of thought about nutrition and is able to really focus on the bioindividuality of each client.  Chip is also able to weave the value of having a spiritual connection to ourselves and each other, as this is a critical element in a balanced life.”

Lisa C. – 

Healthy Mom/Yogi

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