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The “Jump Start”

‘This is the program where our actors, models, brides-to-be and healthy folks who need a kick in the tuchus and a solid plan to take three weeks of focus. The results are amazing and we are very happy that our clients resonate so highly with this program’
-Coach Chip

1-Month Plan

A healthy 21-day all food cleanse including:

  • Meal planning with recipes
  • Custom shopping list
  • Three 30 minute calls with Coach Chip via Skype/Facetime/phone
  • Fitness and detox tips

Some of the expected results:

– Lose 10-15 pounds*

– Clear skin and eyes

– Detox and cleanse

– More energy and stamina


The “Fast Track”

‘While we know that it takes 6 months for permanent lifestyle change, sometimes our clients who have a great base of knowledge and previous success with exercise may need a bit of tweaking and focus. I actually created this program for our ROCKSTAR client Liesl L. who needed a boost to get back in the kitchen and reset her life with a focus for a healthy lifestyle!’


3-month Plan
– Quick Changes For A Healthy New Journey

Six 50 minute health sessions with Coach Chip including:

  • Learn healthy goal setting
  • In-home ‘Pantry Overhaul’**
  • ‘Navigating the Store’ tour***
  • In-home Healthy Cooking session**

Some of the expected results:

– Lose unhealthy cravings and habits

– Weight loss and/or maintenance

– New you, new kitchen, new start

– Learn easy recipes and tricks for healthy cooking


The “Lifestyle Overhaul”

‘Our Primary Care referrals have solidified this program for the follow-up they don’t have time to do and this is where 80% of our clients hire us for PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Regardless of where you are in your path to total health, this is where the magic happens. I surprise myself with every client as we embark on a journey to get you together. My job is to get you back on track and in a short time we not only reach your goals, but MAJOR CHANGES with career, relationships, exercise and spirituality take you to a new chapter in your lives. I am honored and humbled.’

-Coach Chip

6-month Plan
– A New Life Deserves A New You

Twelve 50 minute health sessions with Coach Chip including:

  • Individualized health goal setting and strategizing for the next six months
  • Nutritional testing to discover what dietary plan works best for you
  • Detailed recipes and cooking sessions at your home**
  • Learn to find a healthy balance with work, home, family and Spirit

Some of the expected results:

– Create permanent, life long healthy changes

– Learn what dietary plan works best for you

– Begin life anew with a healthier focus

– Look your best and feel younger at any age


Budget Questions?
Which Program is Suitable for Me?

At Naturally Fortified we are committed to working with many budgets and many clients because we are committed to changing the landscape of health and wellness…your FREE consultation will help to clear-up which programs best match you with us!

With our best selling, one-on-one ‘Lifestyle Overhaul,’ we know you will make permanent lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime and we are confident to introduce this as our core program.

We are currently moving forward to create group and on-line courses to defer costs and grow our company in a way that makes our knowledge of Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Shopping, Nutritious Cooking and Propper Fitness accessible to all budgets!

Take your next step and schedule a meeting with Coach Chip.  Your path to total health awaits you!

* Individual weight loss may vary.
** For Chicago clients, otherwise via Skype/Facetime.
*** Live for Chicago clients, otherwise conceptual.

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