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“One of the healthiest snacks is popcorn! By air popping it, you can eat as much as you want! We love milling different healthy toppers in our Nutribullet for a healthy treat.’
-Coach Chip


‘Glass storage is always our favorite. This selection helps with “Holistic Sundays” and cooking for the week! Overcooking with leftovers is the key to always having a healthy go-to.’
-Coach Chip


‘I learned early in my former career in fine-dining that you do not need that block of knives! No, you need one great chef knife and learn proper cutting techniques. Many of the chefs I know trust Global and this is the only knife I use. It’s worth the investment, you will be cooking a lot more with me!’
-Coach Chip


‘The best investment to begin your healthy lifestyle! We use it every morning with our raw, vegan protein shake (check recipes!). We even take ours when we travel!’
-Coach Chip


‘A more powerful blender used in high-end restaurants and your smoothie shop, this magnificent machine does it all! A steeper price, but looks beautiful on the countertop!’
-Coach Chip


‘No lie, we do a quarterly cleanse with the last week being raw. This innovative tool makes life a lot easier. Plenty on the market, but this is tried and true and leaves your family and guests guessing if the precision cutting truly is a raw vegan noodle. Easiest kitchen-hack ever!’
-Coach Chip


‘We know that brown rice is superior to white rice, but the long cooking times can be a hassle. Simply add rice, water and set timer for dinner! We cook a large pot to have extra in the fridge for super easy sides.’
-Coach Chip


‘We’ve used this filter for years! Removes over 60 contaminates including 99% lead and 96% mercury! Filtered over minerals your body needs, it tastes crisp and clean!’


‘This device is brand new to the home cook! Ideal for homes like ours where Dr. Keith eats mostly plant-based and I enjoy local, sustainable lean meats 3-4 times a week. Sous vide cooks meats and veg in vacuum packed pouches by swirling water at a constant temp. Perfectly cooked meats every time!’
-Coach Chip




‘THE film that helped Dr. Keith and I to create Naturally Fortified. One of our favorite films that shows the many health benefits of moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle, Dr Campbell and Dr Esylstein separately came to this conclusion and joined forces for this amazing docu. It inspired me to bring Dr Keith on as a consulting Physician so we can coach clients with more serious illnesses like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and much more.’
-Coach Chip

‘A powerful new documentary, “Fed Up blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and exercise, revealing a 30-year campaign by the food industry aided by the U.S. government to mislead and confuse the American public, exposing the hidden truths contributing to one of the largest health epidemics in history.”‘
-Coach Chip

‘Authored by one of our mentors and colleagues, Dr. Frank Lipman is a champion of Integrative Medicine and the Health Coaching movement. Going beyond medicine, he looks to food and lifestyle to find true health in mind, body and spirit. His own practice includes health coaches on staff and inspires Dr Keith and I to grow our practice in this direction.”
-Coach Chip

“Dr. Joel Fuhrman takes a scientific approach to curing food cravings and addictions and fully believes that you can reverse poor health and disease through lifestyle change. Creator of one of our favorite tools the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI),it ranks all foods by the nutrient density of the food. Our coaching is heavily based on nutrient dense calories vs a blanketed calorie counting. A true visionary!’
-Coach Chip



‘THE book my friend Melissa Ripp gifted us to show me that there is true technique to plant-based cooking. A must for the newly plant-based foodie! Dr. Keith and I both have memorized this amazing tome! Not yo’ mama’s vegan cookbook!’
-Coach Chip

Thomas Keller’s Collection

‘Hands-down our favorite chef to date! Farm-to-table does not do this culinary masterpiece justice. Nothing easy about this Michelin-starred chef’s recipes. These recipes are to court a potential fiance and impress your foodie friends. Chef Keller did classic, rustic, seasonal before he knew he was creating a movement.’
-Coach Chip

‘Guilty. Another plant-based chef’s not just a coffee table book. We love the new inspiration from London’s Yotam Ottolenghi’s follow-up to the bestselling “Plenty.” Again, we love method over a Google search for quick and easy dumbed-down recipes. Plan-out your week. Make shopping lists. Create memorable dishes. Plant-based meals can blow your mind!’
-Coach Chip

‘Big fans of this not-a-parody, justa-bit-cheeky cook book of plant-based recipes! From their first post that went viral back in October ’14, these folks break-it-down with their tag line: “eat like you give a fuck.” PERFECT gift for newbies trying to eat healthy who have a sense of humor!’

-Coach Chip



‘The most underated plant in the world yields some of the highest protein and Omega’s from a plant-based source! Our smoothies, salads, wraps and soups always include hemp hearts…hence the 5 lb bag! A no brainer for nutrient dense easy-eating!’
-Coach Chip


‘Cha-cha-cha-CHIA! Yes, it is true, our favorite 80’s commercial joke turns-out to be a true super food. We add chia to everything! Full of the healthy Omega’s, unlike flax seeds, it is easily milled by chewing and bio-available. Super versatile it can turn into a pudding treat in a few minutes as it soaks-up liquid and turns into a gel. Perfect food for high endurance athletes!’
-Coach Chip


‘Rishi is our favorite brand of tea and iced green tea is our crack! EVERY client makes the switch from sodas (even diet!) to this amazing beverage. About 1/5 of caffeine of coffee it also has L-thianine which acts as an almost meditative component which creates a truly focused alertness with no peak and crash. Have a pitcher for the day!’
-Coach Chip


‘We were turned onto this amazing pasta from our super-star client, Eddie S.! This super pasta has only one ingredient: black beans and it surely packs a protein punch of 24gm! Super versatile with a healthy red sauce or go the asian route with our favorite dish: spicy black bean pasta with tofu (check RECIPES!)’
-Coach Chip


‘Certainly the darling of the health community, coconut oil once got a bad rap but now it is the tops for cooking, especially at high heat. A quick google or Pinterest search will also show you the many beauty benefits of this magic oil: skin, hair, teeth and gums, and armpits, I use coconut oil as my primary deodorant, toothpaste, facial moisturizer and hair product!’
-Coach Chip



‘Hydration is key to proper health and nutrition. We have gone through so many types of water bottles, plastic, aluminum, steel…GLASS is the answer! Grip able silicone sleeve is stylish and protective, glass is naturally BPA free and doesn’t retain taste or odor.’
-Coach Chip


‘We love yoga because it checks off two of our ‘Life Foods’: exercise and spirituality. Many clients find yoga intimidating at first, but the key is finding the yogi who you resonate best with. I had to learn that yoga is not a competition, but rather your own journey. Non-slip surface whether you enjoy hot, bikram, Vinyasa or power yoga, this PVC mat is free of the Phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP.”


“Our first month goals always include adding in exercise to our clients lives. This does not mean spending a lot of money on an intimidating gym membership. Brisk walking and jump roping is the easiest way to get started on your fitness goals. Combining the two is a terrific workout. Great for weight loss, this cardio combination is terrific for building endurance, stamina and speed!’
-Coach Chip


“Sticking with the home workout theme, this ab roller easily tones & tightens not only the core abdominal muscles but also the shoulders and arms. This product is great for all sizes and all fitness levels. The double wheel aids in stability and allows you to roll in different angles to isolate muscles and core.”
-Coach Chip





‘Most of our client come to us with some form of digestive issues. Often through poor diet and medications our gut flora becomes deplete of the healthy bacteria that helps with digestion. This probiotic is shelf stable for up to 18 months and comes in a powder form in individual packets. With over 12 billion colony-forming bacteria per packet, it is unique in that it has two strains of specific probiotic bacteria clinically proven to survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Dairy and sugar free!”
-Coach Chip



Digestive Enzymes
‘Digestive issues are common with the Standard American Diet and digestive enzymes play an important role in helping to breakdown food so we can optimize the amounts of macro and micro nutrients our bodies absorb. Our bodies naturally produce these enzymes, but they decline overtime as we age. These digestive enzymes support the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fat, protein, lactose, and cellulose. I take them with me when traveling and when I know dairy will be even a small part of my meals!’
-Coach Chip



Liver Health
‘Our precious liver does so much for your optimal health and stresses like alcohol, cigs and over the counter pain medications can push our liver to the limits. All natural ingredients like milk-thistle extract to help stimulate enzymes in the liver and various antioxidants like green-tea extract, Olivol®, and turmeric protect against oxidative stress. Think of this as extra support for your body’s natural detoxification process.’
-Coach Chip

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