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Health is Wealth!


What a wild ride it has been, ultimately ending in this blessed place!

Over half a decade ago, Coach Chip was riddled with anxiety, working his way up the ranks of Chicago’s growing fine-dining scene. Late nights, poor eating habits, insufficient sleep and many nights of partying had left him on the verge of his 40’s feeling like he was at a dead end.

However, on one fateful Chicago summer day, Coach Chip’s life began manifesting itself in a big way. Having just spent an hour with a friend in a sort of ‘therapy session,’ listing off to the Universe all the things he wanted in his new life, including a life partner to share it, Coach Chip headed off to enjoy one of Chicago’s summer festivals.

Feeling lighter then air with a sense of anticipation, he ended up at one of the musical stages to hear his favorite local cover band. The air was thick with electricity and looming dark skies threatened to storm. While enjoying the music, Coach Chip happened to see a friend across the crowd who he had not seen in many years, texting him to wait to meet-up. As Coach Chip approached, there was a crack of lightning and a sudden down pour, and there was Doctor Keith with his friend!

Fast forward a few years and Coach Chip and Doctor Keith are now married, living a healthy lifestyle and having together started a successful Health and Wellness company, Naturally Fortified. At Naturally Fortified, we believe we can also help you manifest the healthy, happy and fulfilled life you deserve.



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Naturally Fortified

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Health is Wealth! We all inherently know that a healthy life is beyond measure and price. As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Coach Chip’s goal is to give each client the tools needed to be a healthier and wealthier person, not just for the immediate, but for the rest of their lives.

The Naturally Fortified difference lies in having the depth of Doctor Keith’s medical knowledge working in conjunction with Coach Chip’s wealth of healthy living knowledge. The inspiration for this approach came when they were watching the great documentary Forks Over Knives, where the goals of Physicians and the idea of health coaching were seen as complimentary and not antagonistic.

At Naturally Fortified, we have the opportunity and ability to “look under the hood” of each of our clients. Doctor Keith is able to work with your Primary Care Provider to help Coach Chip focus and tailer our programs on any specific medical problems or goals. At Naturally Fortified, we have successfully helped clients with Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension (“high blood pressure”), Elevated Cholesterol, Kidney Stones, Skin conditions and much more.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a serious health issue to work with Naturally Fortified. We all need a little coaching and help from time to time. At Naturally Fortified, many of our clients are just looking for help on becoming a healthier person and living a healthier life by cooking more healthy foods, learning new healthier habits and learning to exercise properly for our individual body types resulting in weight loss, increased energy and stamina, better sleep and learning how to slow down and find time to enjoy your perfectly manifested life!


At Naturally Fortified, we do not believe that there is one program or approach that works for everyone. We believe that as individuals, we are often very different from one another and accordingly need individual approaches. We call this Bioindividuality ™.

Naturally Fortified promises to treat you as an individual.

We do not believe in ‘Diets,’ but in changing how you eat for the rest of your life. This doesn’t mean it is our goal to make you ‘vegan’ or ‘paleo;’ Naturally Fortified works with each client to choose a healthy dietary lifestyle that works best for you.

Naturally Fortified promises to throwout the ‘Diet’ and introduce life long healthy eating.

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and Naturally Fortified will help you incorporate it into your regular routine. This may not necessarily mean going to the gym or daily jogging, but what works best for you.

Naturally Fortified promises to introduce each client to a lifelong exercise regimen.

The end result is when you stick to our program, take time to focus on you, you will come out looking at the old you and never look back!

-Coach Chip and Dr Keith


Nat Kim and Chip

Naturally Fortified

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