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Collard green wraps are a great way to go if you are trying to get off of processed foods or if you are eating gluten free.  They are so easy to make and you feel so great afterwards and you avoid all simple carbs!  They also score a 1,000 on the ANDI index!

The actual wrapping can take some getting used to so I have included excerpts from a great website that will walk you through the steps: honestfare.com/mastering-the-collard-wrap/

It’s not that making a collard wrap is that complicated per say – it’s just that it requires a certain amount of technique and finesse. My first couple attempts were pretty pathetic, but that’s because I was doing it all wrong. Luckily, you won’t have that problem because I’m going to tell you exactly what to do.

You will require two collard leaves per wrap – the bigger the better.

  1. Remove the healthiest looking collard leaves from the bunch and trim off the white stalk that does not have any green leaves attached. Soak leaves in warm water and vinegar bath for a few minutes to clean and bring to room temp.
  2. Dry leaves completely. Place leaves flat (rough side up) on a cutting board and gently glide a sharp paring knife across the length of the stem, shaving it down to the same thickness as the rest of the leaf (refer to image in post). Do this for each leaf. Careful not to nick or tear the leaf with the tip of your knife.
  3. Each wrap will require two leaves for rolling. Place two leaves head to foot (with stalks at opposite ends) and overlapping about half way (refer to image in post). Apply a good amount of spread at the center where the two leaves overlap and pile up veggies of your choice. Fold in sides and tightly roll like you would a burrito. Leave whole if traveling or saving for later, but cut through center before eating.


Use your imagination, but the obvious choices are what is in your fridge.  Use the humus you made from last week as a base and then put fresh veggies on top.  Or your new recipe for the Super Slaw is one of our favorite on-the-go, unprocessed snacks.  The quinoa salad is great and even a cooked quinoa sliders are a great and hearty lunch.


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